1-5 Research assistant positions (Summer 2024) in Health Technology: Data analytics for health data

  • Summer job / kesätyöpaikka
  • Turku
  • 2024-02-22

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1-5 Research assistant positions (Summer 2024) in Health Technology: Data analytics for health data

Digital Health Technology, Department of Computing, Summer 2024


The digital health technology research group is looking for 1-5 research assistants for summer 2024, to work together with our researchers on a variety of research problems. Our mission is to discover, invent and innovate new solutions for saving lives and making life more livable. Healthcare technology that can empower people to improve their health: to analyze physical conditions and alert for possible diseases. As part of the assistant work you will implement data analytics methods based on machine learning and signal processing working with real-world health data.


Selected research assistants will be assigned to different research projects in the group based on their qualifications and interests, and the needs of the projects. Typical research tasks include developing methods related to machine learning, biosignals analysis, and medical instrumentation. Examples includes developing algorithms for electrocardiograms and (ECG), photoplethysmograms (PPG) and video-based vital sign extraction, development of deep learning models for signal and images, building health monitoring devices e.g. for measure blood pressure and tissue oxygenation. Further areas of interests include development of machine learning based approaches to privacy preserving machine learning for sensitive health data. The work done in any topic can serve as a basis for a MSc thesis topic.


See https://healthtech.utu.fi/ for more info on us and our research.


Required basic skills:

Programming (preferably Python, but other languages are appreciated too) and documentation skills. Additional knowledge in health technology, machine learning, computer vision, digital signal processing or statistical methods are valued. However, we value most high motivation and a can do attitude and welcome applications from other backgrounds as well.


We are searching for 1-5 research assistants.

Duration: The positions are fixed-term and the duration is 3 months.

Period: one or more period(s) during summer 2024.


Salary: The salary is 2100 euros/month.

Trial period is one month.

Applications should be submitted at the latest on Thursday, February 22, 2024 (16:00) using the electronic application form of the University of Turku on the following address: https://intranet.utu.fi/en/news/open-vacancies

The link to the application system is at the beginning of this announcement (“Apply for this position”).

Please attach your Curriculum Vitae, study transcript and motivation letter. 

Research assistant positions in the summer of 2024 are intended primarily for students of the University of Turku.

To apply for this job please visit intranet.utu.fi.